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‘WoMAU's Partnership Initiative through Martial Arts Training

Cultural Partnership Initiative(CPI)-training Korean traditional martial arts by foreign martial artists.
The World Martial Arts Union Corp. (WoMAU Corp. conducts Taekkyeon training for martial artists or martial arts concerned as an agency of the Cultural Partnership Initiative sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in order to implant a good impression on Korea through the culture. This is the second consecutive year that WoMAU Corp. has been chosen as the agency. Accordingly, WoMAU Corp. an implementer of the program invited 7 martial artists or martial arts concerned from countries such as Ghana, Sudan, Philippines, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Sri Lanka, the targets for ODA(Official Development Assistance) and are making them trained Taekkyeon by Korea Taekkyeon training center for 5 months. Besides Taekkyeon training, they will be given an opportunity to experience such as Korean language course, talent-giving activity, and to participate as staff in the general meeting and festival.
Meantime, WoMAU Corp. invited 3 traditional martial arts-related people from abroad and conducted the 'Taekkyeon' training last year as well.



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