WoMAU Membership

With 67 member organizations from 46 countries of the world, WoMAU promotes and studies not only the inherent values and functions of martial arts but also its less-recognized values and functions through close exchange and cooperation between its members and UNESCO. WoMAU is also carrying out various programs and events for the purpose to contribute to the dissemination of the values and functions of martial arts to the minds of people across the globe.

Types of Membership
1)Full member is for nationwide organization that has unique tradition of martial arts distinct from others or, if not a nationwide organization, an organization that is recognized as the representative organization of that martial art in that country, which shall agree to and abide by the rules and purpose of the Union
2)Associate member is for international or national martial arts organizations that do not satisfy the requirements to be a full member

Full members have the rights to speak and vote in all sorts of meetings including the General Meeting, to serve as an executive, and to take part in the operation of the Union through other activities. In addition, full members are given to the priority to participate in the World Martial Arts Festival ahead of other members, and expenses while the member delegations participate in the Festival or AGM, partially shall be borne by WoMAU.
Associate members have the same right with full members except the right to vote or serve as an executive.

Become a Member
1) Submit a membership application by the end of every May   Download membership application form
2) Reviewed by the Secretariat focusing on whether the required information in the application is
     sufficient and whether it is true
3) Screened by the Membership Screening Committee
4) The application with the results of the Membership Screening Committee will be tabled as one of the
     following Annual General Meeting(AGM) agenda items
5) The final decision on approval will be made in the AGM

Membership Dues
The annual WoMAU membership fee is 100 USD a year and please pay it by the end of the year.

1) Payment Method : Bank Transfer

2) Bank information

Bank account number
Account holder name
World Martial Arts Union
Receiver’s Phone No.
Receiver’s Address
(27438) 2F, 73 Otgat-gil, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea

    ※ Please contact us via email after remittance.

  WoMAU Membership    

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