The 2nd youth martial arts jamboree, August 2 ~ 5, 2012

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The 2nd youth martial arts jamboree, August 2~5, 2012

"Overcome yourself and recover common courtesy!"

2012 Youth martial arts jamboree is to take place in the world martial arts park which locates in Chungju, Korea for three days from August 2(Thur.) to 4(Sat.), 2012. This event with the title "Overcome yourself and recover common courtesy !" aims at students from elementary school, middle school and high school up to 1000. The program which is composed of mind, culture and actual fight experiences for beginners, associations and schools is expected to arouse interests from many students as arranged meeting with a master as well as created martial arts. Plus, as it has special events such as water sport experience and lake festival rides game(football in the water and so on), concert including visit to martial arts museum and astronomical observatory, it would be a variety of event.
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The purpose of youth martial arts jamboree is to extend the cultural value of martial arts to youth and seek for the role of the World Martial Arts Union. By securing the practicing young generation. By spreading correct body culture of youth a future leading generation it maximizes meaning and value martial arts have while it is to serve ultimate world peace through increasing exchange between world youth and making ways for mutual collaboration between countries with Korea to have headquarters of the World Martial Arts Union as the center


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