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World Horseback Archery Federation (Korea) (Represented by Kim Young-Seop)

World Horseback Archery Federation (Korea), is supporting inducement of international horseback archery competitions among the members throughout the world, leading the horseback archery culture of the world. While receiving the attentions of journalism extensively, the Federation held the World Horseback Archery Tournament in early August and in Poland European Open Championship was held in September, and also in Japan it is planning to hold international horseback archery competition on October 16 .


Korean Taekgyeon Association (Represented by Park Man-Yeop)

The Association conducted Taekgyeon instructors education for the 4th quarter, and on this basis, held the 3rd World Taekgyeon Competition on the last 4th and 5th of the month on the main stage of Martial Arts Festival field along with Songam Cup Nationwide Taekgyeon Tournament and Ministry of Culture and Tourism Cup Taekgyeon Tournament.


Korea Martial Arts Federation (Represented by Kim Gui-Jin):

Korea Martial Arts Council comprised of 35 martial arts groups nationwide held martial arts tournaments and culminated in success while participated by some 5,000 individuals in Chungju Stadium on the last August 27.


Kazakh Kures (Represented by Serik Tokeyev)

Kazakh Kures Federation is working to promote Kazakh Kures by proliferation activities such as holding competitions and conducting evaluation activities, book publishing etc while putting efforts so Kazakh Kures may become national martial arts. Presently the Kazakh Kures Federation is building up Kazakh Kures organization in Berlin, Germany. Already the tournaments were held in Almaty in 2000 and also Astana while participated by about 48 countries from all continents. The Federation has held totally 7 athletic competitions by hosting tournaments in Africa and Asia like China as well as European athletic competition.


Poland (Represented by John Clements)

ARMA is conducting education and research activities and international conferences on fencing in Europe and North America etc, and is expanding the number of members. ARMA published papers on Renaissance martial arts education and scientific researches on martial arts until the 19th century, and now is contributing to magazines etc and translating them to various languages. ARMA is planning to extend research topics constantly and put efforts to proliferate martial arts commercially as well.


Japan (Represented by Sekiguchi Dakaki)

Iaido Association is actively conducting martial arts culture exchange activities through seminars in Europe, Austria, Poland, Germany, Czech, Slovakia, the U.S. Taxas etc. In particular, as many youths are harassed by narcotics and sword fighting, the Association is putting efforts to cultivate peace spirit to youth by offering education on how to arm and grow spiritually through the moral and spiritual aspect as well as technical aspect of Iaido.


Canada (Represented by George Lepine)

Instructors prepared local community leadership program by cooperating with indigenes nationwide so that students may learn techniques that may add to their carrier. The organization is putting strength to research and develop Oki-Chi-Taw in school programs, seminars and workshops to prepare for the future following the traditions of the past in local community. Having hosted large scale workshops for several years which were participated by many schools in Canada, the organization is planning to put efforts for Oki-Chi-Taw to be settled worldwide by entering into partnership with other organizations throughout Canada and the U.S.


Belarus (Represented by Korotki Valery Nikoorovich)

As for KOROSU Association, 4 athletes participated from Latvia and Russia, and also 4 athletes won the first place in European Championship which took place in Poland. The Association demonstrated outstanding performance with 3 athletes winning in the international game taking place in Armenia.


Malaysia (Represented by Haji Megat j. Omardin)

Martial Arts Exhibition Center was established in Kuala Lumpur. Silatrincha Association failed to get approval for the championship when applied 2 years ago, but next year spring, the Association is anticipated to be approved officially. South East Asian Championship is scheduled to be held in Indonesia in 2012, where about 100,000 people are estimated to take part.


Latvia (Represented by Onopchenko Oleg)

The Association developed new method of massage by connecting traditional medicine to martial arts in simultaneous pursuit of bodily and spiritual health. What they developed is about treating disease by researching on the energy flow of the body, and they held two sessions of workshops this year.


Philippines (Represented by Richardson Gialogo)

Philippines Association held tournament under the sponsorship of Education Ministry while some 10,000 people took part after instructors and public school teachers were invited, and they are putting efforts so that Arnis can become an intangible cultural asset in close collaboration with Philippines National Committee of UNESCO.


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