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February 27, 2020


After midwinter, spring seems to have come outside the door here in Korea. But with the horrors of Corona 19, we can't afford to feel spring.


Now that the coronavirus, which started in Wuhan, China, is rapidly spreading across the world beyond several Asian countries, including Korea and Japan, I hope you will be able to take thorough care of your health and prevent infection and to see you all in good health soon. 


As you may see from the news here, thanks to well-built internet infrastructure and the freedom of the press without any sanctions, news on the Coronal infection and the patient's outbreak are being relayed but because of the continued spread people are sensitive. People both inside and outside are living in masks, and most of the activities that attract a lot of people have been closed for a period of time.


By this time, the Secretariat, which is supposed to slowly prepare for the events, starting with the announcement of the event schedule, is currently watching the current developments, unable to predict how the coronavirus situation will unfold.


As soon as the virus infection goes into abeyance, we'll resume our temporarily suspended schedule and report to you immediately.


Until then, I hope all of you stay healthy.


Sincerely yours,

Yoon, Jeonghoon

Secretary-General of the World Martial Arts Union


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