Sarawak Dayak Martial Arts Association (SDMAA) 2018.1.26.-28

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Sarawak Dayak Martial Arts Association


* Sarawak Dayak Martial Arts Association (SDMAA), one of the active members of WoMAU, held an event named “Unity in Diversity Martial Arts” Showcase in January 26 – 28 under the patronage of use of WoMAU name and logo.

* Over 2000 martial artists of various styles/groups/institutions participated. The event has provided a platform for martial artists and volunteers to participate in community and environmental works supported by strategic corporate partners.

* It has also given a chance to build relationship with local state government and local authorities and bodies through proposed collaborations.

* For WoMAU, the Union has been introduced to many of martial artists in east Malaysia and local media as a platform of safeguarding and developing traditional martial arts over the nations.


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