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[ChungcheongIlbo] World Martial Arts Union appointed ambassadors Choi …

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World Martial Arts Union appointed ambassadors Choi Young-jae and Lee Chang-joon



Youth Martial Arts Camp Speaks to International Martialarts Contest

The World Martial Arts Union announced on the 25th that it has appointed Choi Young-jae, the master of the steel unit, and Lee Chang-joon, the head of the Korean team, as ambassadors and special instructors for the 2022 Youth Martial Arts Camp and the 2022 International Martialarts Contest.

Choi, a former special forces officer, appeared in the current military science professor and Channel A's "Steel Unit" as a 13th grader in various martial arts, and Lee, a former special forces officer, also dispatched overseas and conducted security operations.

The Youth Martial Arts Camp will be held every weekend for three weeks from November 5th as a venue for fostering youth health and family harmony through martial arts for two days.

Public relations ambassadors will be in charge of the 'Army Theory Lecture' in the first day of the martial arts experience program.

Choi said, "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in talent donation through promotions and lectures."
He said, "I will show you a good performance so that you can deliver the true value of martial arts to teenagers with it."


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