[Notice] Information of the International Martial Arts Contest in 2023

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This is secretariat of the World Martial Arts Union. 

** Notice of the schedule for the International Martial Arts Contest in 2023 

※ Details: See Attachment 

Thank you.

WithMartial arts, make lifehealthyandequalfor everyone

2023 IMAC



Contest Outline


General Status

Title : 2023 International Martial Arts Contest

Period: 2023. 8. 18.(Fri) ~ 8. 20.(Sun) / 3 days

Venue: Chungju Indoor Stadium (ROK)

Main contents (events)

- Section: Martial arts fitness contest for youth (5 events)

Individual events (4), Group event (1) *Classified by age and gender of youth


- Section : Martial arts performance contest (7 events) *Prize competition

Individual events (4), Duo events (2), Group event (1)


- Related events: Annual General Meeting of WoMAU, UNESCO-listed Martial Arts Promotion Committee, etc.

Special lectures for leaders and parents, World Taekkyeon competition, local events scheduled to be linked.

It may vary depending on the operational conditions of contest.

Host: UNESCO International Martial Arts Center

Organizer: World Martial Arts Union

Patronage: Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of KOREA,

UNESCO, Chungju city, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, etc.


Main Schedule *based on actual events.


8. 18. (Fri)

8. 19. (Sat)

8. 20. (Sun)

Main contest

Section (Martial arts performance contest)

- Final (international competition)

- Award ceremony

Section(Martial arts fitness contest_Individual)

- 4 Individual events (classified by gender/age)

- Award ceremony

Section(Martial arts fitness contest_Group)

- 1 Group event


- Award ceremony

Related events

Opening ceremony

Experiencing events, etc.

Special performance

(winners of section ) : World Taekkyeon competition(Tanguem park)

Experiencing events, etc.

Closing ceremony


8. 15.(Tue)17.(Thu) WoMAU’s annual general meeting and Unesco-listed promotion committee scheduled to be held.

Section Korean Preliminaries : replaced by16th Korea Martial Arts Mastership (6.2.4.)

Winners from 1st - 3rd places (in each of the 7 events) will be eligible to participate.



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