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Qazaq Kuresi

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Kuresi in Kazakhstan is a type of wrestling that requires players to battle it out on foot, the objective is to get the opponents shoulders on the ground. It is a traditional practice where trainers would coach young boys who would then take part in local contests. These days, kuresi in Kazakhstan is a national sport practiced by men and women, up to the professional level. International competitions also take place, such as the annual tournament the Kazakhstan Barysy, broadcast in more than 100 countries. Transmission of kuresi in Kazakhstan occurs in sports clubs, which may also be affiliated to schools, as well as via masterclasses run by experienced kuresi wrestlers. The minimum age of learners can be as young as 10 and no restrictions apply concerning the background of participants. The sport of kuresi also has a place in traditional folklore in Kazakhstan. The wrestlers, known as Baluans, have been regarded as strong and courageous and depicted as such in epics, poetry, and literature. The practice of kuresi teaches younger generations in Kazakhstan to respect their history and culture, and aim to be like the heroic Baluans. It also helps to build tolerance, goodwill, and solidarity amongst communities.


As the way of life of the Kazakh people is adapted to nomadic life, their daily activities are a struggle. The enthusiasm of the people for martial arts, which has passed through a pure selection of nature, is classically developed. However, until the beginning of the twentieth century, there was no consistent system of struggle in the country. Therefore, in each region, the struggle is formed while preserving the internal features. The scientific systematization of kuresi dates back to 1920.

The first major competition of kuresi was held in 1938 as part of the Spartakiad among agricultural regions. Since then, the competition has traditionally been held regularly in the cities of the republic.

In 2004, a conference was held at the World Congress of Kazakhs in Berlin, where the International Federation of Kazakh Kuresi(president of the Federation - Tukiyev Serik Adamovich) was organized.

In 2020, Qazaq Kuresi Association was established and began work on the introduction of kuresi in the school curriculum.


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