How to apply for Dan Certificate

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How  to apply for Dan Certificate 
 The procedure for the filling of the applications and the issuance there of as the followings.

1. The filling of applications : The representative or other competent official of the member organization that is to submit the applications will send in them either by post at any time or by hand to the WoMAU secretary general.
2. The application shall include (a) the official letter (see, Request for Issuing Dan (Rank) Certificate that is contained in the rules and regulations as Model 1) (b) the issuing fees of US $ 15 for one (1) to four (4) Dan (Rank) each and US $ 20 for five (5) Dan and higher.
3. For the member organization that has other ranking system than Dan will specify the "ranking word" equivalent to Dan, which is to be shown in the Certificate in place of Dan.
4. The application received will be examined in the secretariat. When it is found to be in good order meeting the conditions laid down in the rules and regulations, the secretary general will forward to the member organization concerned the Certificate(s) duly signed by the president of WoMAU and with the official seal affixed on. The model (sample) of the Certificate is attached to this letter and also included as Model 2 in the rules and regulations.
5. About the application(s) determined not to meet the conditions by the rules and regulations the member organization concerned will be asked for additional data for further consideration or given the reasons that the particular application is turned down, as the case my be.
6. Member organization(s) may appeal to the secretariat on any decision by it. The secretary general shall get such case finally be decided on in accordance with Article 10 (Disputes).
7 and the last, The Certificates issued will be sent by international post to the member organization concerned when the member organization requests to do so by paying postage fee. Otherwise, Certificates issued can be picked up at the secretariat in person by the representative of the member organizations at the time of annual general meeting.
Attachment : Rules and regulations on black belt(Dan) and other higher level certificates


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