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Proposed amendment to Article 4 (Membership)


Immediately after Article 4 (Membership) may be added the following new article creating a category of the associate membership in order to accomodate the organizations or associations that support WoMAU and may wish to join it as member but unable to do so by reason of not meeting the qualifications laid down under Article 4. Such entities may include international, not national, organizations of martial arts or martial art practitioners, academic or research institutes on martial arts, and business firms or association of people willing to support what WoMAU stands for.



Article 4-1(Associate membership)


(1) The Union shall allow international or national organizations of or on martial arts that either short for the membership under Article 4 or are unwilling for such membership to join it as an associate member.


(2) Application for associate membership shall be addressed to the Secretary General in written form on organizational letterhead. The Secretary General shall circulate the application to the members upon receiving it and report it to the immediate next general meeting of the members for its decision. The admission shall be effected by the majority in favor of the members present and voting.


(3) The associate member shall have the same rights and obligations as the ones enjoyed by the members, except for the right to vote and to serve as a bureau member.

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