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[NEWS1] Choi Young-jae and Lee Chang-joon of The Soldier were appointe…

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Choi Young-jae and Lee Chang-joon of The Soldier were appointed as ambassadors for the World Martial Arts Union



Lectures on martial arts theory at youth martial arts camp

Choi Young-jae, the master of the steel unit, and Lee Chang-joon, the Korean team leader of The Soldier, will serve as ambassadors for the World Martial Arts Union.

On the 23rd, the World Martial Arts Union announced that it had appointed a public relations ambassador at the seminar room of the UNESCO International Martial Arts Center the previous day.

They will be in charge of promoting youth martial arts camps and international Martialarts Contest this year.

The youth martial arts camp will be held three times every weekend from November 5 to 20. It is a one-night, two-day trip to experience Taekkyeon and Gukgung Palace and tour local cultural assets.

International Martialarts Contest will be held from November 20. It focuses on youth martial arts experience, not on the existing performance format.

Choi Young-jae and Lee Chang-joon, ambassadors for the martial arts camp, will also give lectures on "theory of martial arts" to teenagers at the martial arts camp.

Choi Young-jae said, "I will try to deliver the true value of martial arts to teenagers with a great sense of responsibility and mission."

President of The World Martial Arts Union Chung hwatae said, "Youth of martial arts to the value of diversity and peace and harmony are part of the martial arts I hope you well.".


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