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Garrote Larense

Garrote Tocuyano

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Garrote Larense Venezuela


It is a Venezuelan martial art that involves machete, stick-fighting, and knife fencing. The name is relative to the city of El Tocuyo, southwest of the Lara state, the starting point of the colonization.


It can be taken into consideration that the origin of this game came from the mixtures given at the time of the conquest. Since several cultures were brought from far away, only the strongest of those was survived and some fighting techniques originated or became known during the conquest struggles, when they fought with everything they could, in order to obtain precious independence.

Then since being an independent nation, some martial arts and games were brought by the European migrant practitioners mainly from Spain, Portugal, and the Canary Islands. They had similar forms to Garrote Larense, such as the Cuchillo Siciliano, Makila Vasca, Jogo do Pao, Juego del Palo. And it is very likely that these people have met masters of Garrote Larense, sharing techniques and experiences, and influencing this art.


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