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Okichitaw is an indigenous martial art that has its origin in Great Northern Plains(Central Canada). Okichitaw's formation was before the birth of Canada in the 1800s.

Okichitaw employs a very direct and committed approach in the area of physical combat. Okichitaws battle concept is combined with speed, one's body weight, and aggressively applied mechanics to allow the practitioner to achieve effective results.

Okichitaw is based on movements derived from specific indigenous weaponry. The concept of reckless bravery is adopted into this combat system, meaning that a full commitment to any engagement will be applied. This philosophy of Okichitaw trains the practitioner to strike and take their opponent down to the ground and finish them out as quickly as possible.


Historically on the Central Plains of Turtle Island, the Plains Cree & Assiniboine used a term known as "Okichitatawak" which described a unique group of individuals known as "the Worthy Young Men" who were highly respected warriors and leaders within the Indigenous community. A person could not be considered for the Okichitatawak until they had proven themselves & their acts subsequently witnessed by the leadership. These feats were conducted through the participation of enemy raids as well as demonstrating that they were an effective Warrior in hand-to-hand combat as well as being able to heal & give to another. Being a part of the Okichitatawak would strictly indicate that any person within this circle embraces the concept of "Reckless Bravery" and thus places the survival and prosperity of their community above their safety and wealth. The modern version of this society and combat martial art is now known as OKICHITAW.


Based on the data of the World Martial Arts Museum(Chungju, Korea) and Okichitaw website(, reviewed and advised by the chief master instructor George Lepine.


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