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Nguni Stick Fighting

Zulu Stick Fighting

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South African Association of Indigenous Martial Arts


Nguni sport, also known as Stick Fighting, was a popular sport in the Nguni ethnic group, Zulu. The word Nguni is the collective name for ethnic groups of Bantu people residing in Southern Africa.

At the age of 16, a boy's father takes him into the forest to cut his fighting sticks(izinduku). Decorations are put on there for aesthetic purposes and to identify members from different sides of the region. The sticks were stored on the roof of the house and were carried for self-defense. A man usually owns several pairs and chooses which pair to use based on the occasion. For war, there are many different sticks available. There is the Iklwa(short stabbing spear), Isisila Senkonjane(swallow-tail axe), Isizenze Axe(used by commoners), and the Isijula(long spear).


There is a great debate about the origins of this indigenous sport within the Zulu group, some trace it to the times of Shaka Zulu and others to Amalandela, the son of Gumede, around 1670. However, it is generally agreed that during Shakas reign this sport was used as a way of training young men for war and self-defense. This was extended to the times of Dingaan, who was Shakas successor. As new leaders emerged the purpose of stick fighting also changed. During the reign of Cetshwayo who succeeded Dingaan, it was used as a means of resolving internal disputes, however, there were protocols as it was not intended for killing.

Stick fighting forms an integral part of Zulu cultural tradition, fulfilling as it does an important teaching purpose. As such, for Zulu males, stick fighting is pivotal in upholding a social system that constructs accepted roles and modes of behavior.


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