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[Notice] The 19th AGM will be held in writing
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August 10, 2020


It is already time to have sent an invitation letter with the general meeting guide, but this year, as we all know, Coronavirus has disrupted the plans of WoMAU. To make matters worse, the longest rainy season has lasted for more than a month here in Korea, which is said that it's caused by climate change. 


With all our activities suspended, we were considering holding the Steering Committee meeting and the UNESCO listed Martial Arts Committee meeting as a video conference, but this is not going to work either. 


Accordingly, as we informed you in May, plenary session and the auxiliary events such as the Steering Committee meeting and the UNESCO listed Martial Arts Committee meeting will be held in writing after the middle of September.


There is a saying that no news is good news. Fortunately, there is no news from you guys, so everyone seems to be doing well, so Im grateful.


I will update you on the agenda for the 19th General Meeting at the time mentioned.


Stay still, and be safe.


Sincerely yours, 

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Yoon, Jeonghoon

Secretary-General of the World Martial Arts Union


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