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[Notice] Continued steps toward the Establishment of TSG promotion center
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Continued steps toward the Establishment of TSG promotion center



Request of Complementation of TSG Center Establishment Application

from UNESCO Director General

For the preliminary discussion for the establishment of TSG promotion center, the government-level visiting group(Chungbuk province) is to leave for the headquarters of UNESCO. The Union submitted the application for the establishment of TSG Promotion Center through Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on the last May 6, and about this, received from UNESCO director general Irina Bokova request for complementation of the establishment application regarding the following issues on September 26:

1. The name of the city in which TSG Center will be established;

2. The foreseen involvement and role of World Martial Arts Union;

3. Relevant laws of Korea government and future legal status of the Center;

4. Necessary measures to be taken by Korean government for the establishment of TSG Center.



Emphasis of 'supporting development including through sport, rather than traditional sports and games explicitly'

Apart from this, Bokova director general recommended that in line with the stratigic priorities of the Organization that the scope of the proposed center be changed. Youth civic engagement is one of UNESCO's priority area of intervention (i.e. youth leadership supporting development including through sport, rather than traditional sports and games explicitly......"


Deduction of Agreement on the Reply

In a series of such a process, on the 27th, the Union deduced the following agreement with Chungbuk province regarding the reply on the application for the establishment of the TSG Center. In other words, the provincial government agreed to proceed with business as originally planned, and the Union is to propose additional support of budget for the execution in 2012, and deduce agreement with the personnel of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism while dispatching governmental visiting group to the 36th general meeting.

Regarding the request to complement the Center establishment application, the Union is planning to adjust the name of the Center through discussion later on, and as for the recommendation for 'youth', it will replace the measure for the reply on its roles and relation and deliver the common opinion of Chungbuk province and Chungju city to Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Also, we will take measure for the feasibility study by meeting with the personnel in charge of UNESCO during November, seek for the approval of UNESCO executive board in April 2012 and execute final approval and government agreement in October 2013.


Assignment of the Right

to Use the Text 'Under the Patronage of UNESCO' and UNESCO Logo

Meantime, the director general of UNESCO sent letter assigning the right to use UNESCO logo along with the text 'Under the Patronage of UNESCO' in the publication materials of the event by remarking through Korea Committee of UNESCO on the last July 15: "Regarding the use of UNESCO emblem, Martial Arts Youth Jamboree along with Chungju World Martial Arts Festival and World Horseback Archery Championship that World Martial Arts Union is conducting are events that raise solidarity among people, inspire them with pride on social and cultural assets, and serve the purpose of UNESCO in promoting TSG as measure to strengthen the spirit of community, more importantly for the education, international solidarity and conversation among different cultures."


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