Date : 11-04-29 21:53
[Notice] Taking the 50th Korea-Greece amity as an opportunity WoMAU operates successful bilateral martial arts cultural exchange program
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    As 2011 Korean traditional martial arts demonstration by bilateral cultural exchange program promoted by World Martial Arts Union(World Martial Arts Union; WoMAU) is adopted on last January 12th as being eligible for benefits of Culture and Art Exchange Project of Korean Foundation, the traditional martial arts demonstration teams of Korea have been to Greece for the opening stage of the National Pangration Championship on the 2nd and 3rd of April.

     This performance which was driven by「World Martial Arts Union」through applying to public support contest of the culture and art exchange business part of Korea Foundation in cooperation with Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Greece was done at the  invitation of Hellenic Pangration Athlima Federation, a government supporting organization of Greece and one of the 42 world member organizations. WoMaU introduced superiority and diversity of Korean traditional culture (martial arts) through this event, created a foothold to spread it to the local and had a meeting with persons concerned of the relevant department of central government as well as the federation for continuous exchange and was given their words actively to support the Union Festival. In return for this, the Union is planning to invite Pangration, the traditional martial arts of Greece, to the martial arts festival to be held in Chungju, Chungbuk under official support of UNESCO.


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