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[Notice] Notice for 2011 Chunju World Martial Arts Festival and G.M.
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    The World Martial Arts Festival for this year is set for 7 days from Friday, 2nd to Thursday, 8th of September, 2011. In consistence with the past practice during the period of the delegation"s staying in Korea for participation in the Festival the Festival Organizing Committee will be providing accomodations (room & board) and local transportation. Due to the budgetary constraints all delegates will be expected to come on the round-trip international flight tickets at their own charge. The usual details of the competition of the delegation will follow latest by the 20th of August, 2011.


     Meanwhile, the general meeting of WoMAU will be convened for two days just before that  period. The details on the meeting will also be sent out to you when it is ready. The following day of the meeting is programmed for symposium. The program as well as the provisional agenda will be forwarded to you in due course of time as well. In case you participate in this year’s general meeting you will be provided one delegate only with round trip air ticket as well as hotel accommodations and meals during the meeting.



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