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[Notice] Readjustment of WoMAU Events
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May 20, 2020


I wonder how you have been doing.


Here in Korea, it was expected for a while that we could return to daily life due to successful quarantine, but the recent spread of the epidemic is making it difficult to return to daily life. Fortunately, it seems to be controlled again by tracking the route. . 


Accordingly, the Secretariat held a meeting of the board of directors recently on May 14 to decide on a plan to readjust the postponed events and report on the work carried out during the first half of the year. The 19th general meeting, originally scheduled to be held in Singapore on Nov. 18-22, will be held in Chungju from Oct. 18-21. And the UNESCO listed Martial Arts Promotion Committee meeting, scheduled to be held in Iran in April, will be held in Chungju in conjunction with the general meeting, along with the seminar.


They also agreed to hold the general meeting in writing if No entry or the mandatory isolation is not lifted or if there remains a possibility of infection.


We reported on the current status of support for the 2020 government public offering project, the computerization of documents and records, the reorganization of the website, and the activation of SNS that were conducted by the Secretariat during the first half of the year. Please visit the website and SNS that have been reorganized to focus on the network of relationships with members.


Finally, the member organizations that are struggling with the influence of Corona 19 and overcoming it, please inform the Secretariat of the news. We will consider ways to ease the pain together and make sure your story is helpful to our members.


I hope the new schedule goes smoothly and we will be able to see each other in a healthy way here in Chungju.


Sincerely yours,

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Yoon, Jeonghoon

Secretary-General of the World Martial Arts Union


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